Will Ron DeSantis Run Against Trump for President in 2024?

Posted by Brianna Huffington on

Ron DeSantis Advisors Preparing for Presidential Run.  Ron DeSantis has proven himself to be a popular and successful leader in the Republican party, igniting speculation about his plans for 2024. Some envision him as a potential running mate alongside former President Trump, while others hope he continues serving Florida faithfully in his gubernatorial position. While nothing is set in stone yet, it's safe to assume that this political star will have quite an impact come election year regardless of whether or not he throws his hat into the presidential race!

A Navy veteran and congressman-turned-governor, DeSantis is best known for his vocal conservative values as well as handling COVID in stride despite Democratic opposition along the way; praised by many Republicans whose support may prove instrumental if this potential faceoff does indeed come about!

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